Get Involved


Interested in actively contributing to the growth of the local music scene?

Creative Okanagan has active volunteer committees working towards a better future for the music sector in the Okanagan. Our team is always looking for new members and arts enthusiasts to join us in creating opportunities for our community artists.

Are you interested in overseeing the overall vision for CO’s programming, including existing and future events? Do you want to help us think out of the box, and dream up new event ideas we could produce? Consider joining this committee to work with our Executive and Creative Director on the various activities, artist development, mixers and performances we’re proud to offer!

Communications Committee – Join this committee if you’re interested in helping spread the word of Creative Okanagan to our existing and future members, planning and implementing communications and marketing strategies to increase awareness of our organization and regional programs, and promoting the music scene to interested local audiences!

Do you want to help us utilize our unique expertise as music curators, networkers, and producers to lead or support one-off events and activities throughout the area? Then consider joining the Special Events Committee!

Help us build our community through the Creative Okanagan membership program. If you join this committee, you’ll have input into how we create and deliver value to our members through perks, tickets, discounts and anything else you could think up! All while keeping the goal of growth in mind! Help us to constantly evaluate “why you should become a member.”