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Central Okanagan Music Venue Database

In 2023, we set out to gather data from music venues and venues hosting music on a regular basis in the Central Okanagan. Details included are those our community indicated were important for artists, both local and touring, promoters, agents, tour managers, funders, and potential investors. There is a significant amount of data which can be viewed per venue or in the list where you can filter the data you are interested in seeing.

This project was initiated out of the Central Okanagan Music Strategy which includes a goal to encourage a broader variety and number of quality music spaces that are safe, diverse and inclusive.
This database helps us see what exists, to connect artists with venues. The data will be updated and we welcome the community to let us know when there are changes needed.

The Future of Our Music Scene

The Central Okanagan Music Strategy (COMS) was a community-led initiative to create a music strategy for the Central Okanagan area. Developed over two years, this strategy set out to advance the industry’s sustainability and focuses on how to support spaces, audiences, artists and partnerships.

Creative Okanagan took a leadership role in the COMS implementation and is proud to share the full report with you today:

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