Artist Resources

Musician support from local, provincial and federal organizations:


A not-for-profit performer collective dedicated to ensuring that all recording artists, from session musicians and background performers to featured vocalists, are paid for the use of their work. We collect royalties within Canada and from around the world, representing tens of thousands of recording artists (directly and through our agreements with international partners) across all genres of music.

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BC Arts Council

Provides grant funding for arts and culture in British Columbia and ensures art and cultural programming is accessible to individuals and communities across the province.

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BC Touring Council

A vibrant network organization that provides various programs and services both online and in-person, including our flagship showcase and booking conference Pacific Contact.

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Breakout West

An annual music event that includes an immersive music development conference and music festival hosted by the Western Canadian Music Alliance

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Canadian Council of the Arts

Canada’s public arts funder. We contribute to the vibrancy of a creative and diverse arts and literary scene through our grants, services, prizes and payments to Canadian artists and arts organizations.

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Creative BC Amplify BC

Programs deliver funding through four streams serving B.C. artists, live music presenters, music companies, and the development of the music industry.

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Factor Canada

A private non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance toward the growth and development of the Canadian music industry

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Music BC

A not-for-profit association serving the for-profit and non-profit music industry, including artists from all genres, industry professionals, service providers, studios, promoters, venues, festivals, producers, agents, managers and educational institutions.

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Radio StarMaker

A private fund which has as its stated purpose to “make a substantial and discernable difference to the careers of Canadian artists” by providing substantial incremental investment where the artist has established a proven track record and his or her label is making a Significant Investment in their future career.

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Canada’s largest member-based rights management organization.

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