Revelry Food+Music Hub

1383 Ellis Street, Kelowna

Venue Type: Concert Room
Venue Capacity: 525
Stage Location: Indoor
Venue Capacity Notes: 220 dining format
Does the venue serve food and beverages? Is there liquor service? Yes. Full kitchen and beverage service including alcohol, Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages offered
Contact Information
Contact: Ali Lewis
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 250.868.0208
Stage Information
Raised Stage: Yes
Stage Dimensions: 35' (front) or 22' (back) x 14' deep
Backstage Area: Yes
In-House PA: Yes. The venue has a multi-channel board, A DJ booth or deck or sturdy table, Stage equipment (backline) (monitors, mics, stands, cables, stage lighting, etc)
Sound board details: Allen&Heath Avantis
Audio Tech Available: Yes
Audio Tech Cost: $0
Can You LiveStream: No
Artist Information
Music Restrictions: No
Books Touring Acts: Yes
Local Artists included: Yes
Green Room: Yes
Artist Merch Table: Yes
Designated Artist Parking: No
Ticket Information
Ticket Selling System: Yes
Can Artist Sell Tickets: No
Are Seats Assigned: No
Cancellation policy: As per contract
Venue Rental: Yes
What is included: Rental is hotel/ ballroom format, not roadhouse
Audience Information
Are Taxis Available: No
Preferred Transport Companies: TBD
Free Drinking Water: Yes
Are/Can Bathrooms Be Listed as Non-Gendered?: Yes
Safe Spaces Policy in Place: Yes
Safe Spaces Policy: To be reviewed in person
Music Information
Music at least once/week: Yes
Typical Music Nights:
Day, Evening & Late
Day, Evening & Late
Day, Evening & Late
Day, Evening & Late
Day, Evening & Late
Day, Evening & Late
Day, Evening & Late


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