Prospera Place

1223 Water Street, Kelowna

Venue Type: Arena
Venue Capacity: 5228
Stage Location: Indoor
Venue Capacity Notes:

Various Options Permanent Seating 5,228
Standard Concert - 180 degree 5,013
Standard Concert - 240 degree 5,448
Standard Concert - 270 degree 6,018
Standard Concert - 360 degree 6,924
Theatre (half house) 3,306
Small Theatre 2,342
Ice Show 4,998

Liquor or Food Primary: neither
Does the venue serve food and beverages? Is there liquor service?

Yes, both
Manhattan Point Restaurant
Club Seat Lounge
L’Arena Cafe
Exclusive Suites Catering
Private Catering
Backstage Concert Catering

Contact Information
Contact: Melissa Grout
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 250) 212-8288
Stage Information
Raised Stage: Possible
Stage Dimensions: Maximum 60' x 48'
Backstage Area:

Yes, Single loading bay door located at the south end of the venue
Door size: 21’W x 14’H to accommodate two trucks side-by-side
Flat level push load in
Loading area in parking lot

In-House PA: No
Sound board details: Arranged with SW
Audio Tech Available: Yes, SW or showtime
Audio Tech Cost: negotiated with the Company
Can You LiveStream: not active or set up but open to it
Artist Information
Music Restrictions: not active or set up but open to it
Books Touring Acts: Yes
Local Artists included: possible
Green Room: Yes
Artist Merch Table: yes
Designated Artist Parking: Yes
Ticket Information
Ticket Selling System: select your tickets
Can Artist Sell Tickets: no
Are Seats Assigned: yes
Venue Rental: Yes
What is included:

Marketing support (content creation/graphic design, website creation/management, print and broadcast relationships, PR network and press release)
contract may include secrurity, staging, lighting, technicians, varied on contract

Audience Information
Are Taxis Available: Yes
Preferred Transport Companies: no
Free Drinking Water: not readily provided or promoted. Ability to use own bottle at some concerts and at the end of the concert when concessions close. for purchase at consessions
Are/Can Bathrooms Be Listed as Non-Gendered?: yes
Music Information
Music at least once/week: Variable
Typical Music Nights:


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