Shawna Whitney

Member at Large | Board of Directors

With a family first mentality grounded by her teachings in the Martial Arts and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do (although not practising the art today) Shawna tries to live the tenants the art is based on daily. Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit.

Teaching at her family owned nonprofit Tae Kwon Do Club for over 4 years and joining the board of directors of the Tae Kwon Do Alliance of Alberta, Shawna has always worked tirelessly for her members and her family. In 2006 Shawna joined the board of directors Northern Haven Society as a fundraising director. With the devastating fires and floods in 2011 in her hometown, Shawna organized a successful evening of music and fundraising called “Rock Out to Rebuild”.

Brought in as an Executive Producer for her friend’s film “The Perfect Pick Up”. Shawna’s interest and love for the film industry began. In 2020 Shawna partnered with the only licensed talent agency in the Okanagan, eventually becoming the sole owner and renaming, rebranding and then consolidating with a larger agency, VA Entertainment. In 2022, Brad Krauza of Gonzo Okanagan asked Shawna to be a part of the team to put together his annual Gonzo Okanagan Music Industry Golf Tournament and Music festival. This led to her remaining on the team and taking lead of the Golf Tournament in 2023 assisting with both the golf tournament, music festival and the first Okanagan Peoples Choice Music Awards. Her respected name as a talent agent in the Okanagan for film was brought to the attention of a local up and coming Reggae Artist out of Kelowna. After reaching out to her, Shawna was introduced to the local music industry in a whole new light. Taking a liking and putting faith in the artist, along with her love for music of all genres, Shawna saw the symbiosis that could be as an agent for film, Television, and Music. Focusing on local, the journey into this new industry began.