Craig Siemens

President | Board of Directors

It wasn’t just the climate and beautiful scenery that brought Craig to Kelowna in 2017. The deciding factor was the community and culture that Kelowna provided. “We wanted a place big enough to give you choices in live music, theatre and the arts but small enough you can still get to know your neighbours”.

Recently retired, and an avid fan of live music, Craig became involved in Kelowna’s music scene when he organized a Kelowna Music Showcase in 2018 and developed an online public survey on live music in Kelowna. He then joined the board of the Kelowna Arts Council as their secretary and music coordinator, booking over 50 performances. In 2019 and 2020 Craig co-hosted four Music Industry Hangouts, focusing on information sharing and networking; including two in support of the Kelowna Cultural Planning process. Craig chaired the committee that created the Central Okanagan Music Strategy to advance the sustainability of the local music industry. He subsequently joined Creative Okanagan to help implement its many goals. 

If culture brings life to a community, then music is the heartbeat. Craig plans to use his energy and skill sets to continue helping support live music in our community.