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Creative Okanagan produces and curates talent for events focusing on performing artists. By submitting your information you are indicating interested in being considered for these opportunities. The summer concert series Music in the Park in West Kelowna currently has the highest number of opportunities.

Band/stage name used for promotional purposes
Where does the performer or most members of the group live? Select the most specific option. Some of our programs give preference to residents of particular municipalities or regions.
Musician, comedian, dancer, theatrical, other. Give us the best description you can!
We want to see your work, tell us where the best webpage is to find it! Ex. Videos, audio, performance/tour history, bio, press photos.
Creative Okanagan reserves the right to review submissions considered applicable to our current opportunities. We will utilize the database as needed. Performers are free to resubmit this form to share new materials or information with us.