Creative Okanagan’s mission is to help artists from the Okanagan develop their talents, particularly related to live performance. We do this through providing opportunities to perform to live audiences, offering workshops, networking opportunities, feedback, and acting as a resource to connect artists to our professional network, including Music BC and other event producers.


Performance Opportunities

Perform at one of the events we produce! To do so, fill out the application (when open). You can also email us with links to your music and videos from live performances, or your EPK. If we are interested in booking you or your group we will be in contact.

Workshops Series

Improving takes practice, learning and connecting with the right people. We want to help you do that. We strive to create learning opportunities, to connect with other creatives, including musicians, creative writers, performers, visual artists, and others creating, in environments that will maximize learning.

View our upcoming opportunities here!



Networking is a matter of getting out there, with the people who are interested in what you do and do similar things. From meeting other artists to meeting festival and event producers, our networking opportunities will help you connect.